High quality custom-made leather wallet with fully detachable components

The multi-purpose product for the contemporary adventurer on the go.

A uniquely crafted Card-Holder which serves as a fashion accessory! Have a look at this versatile designer tool, mixed with the popular and modern trends of making innovative multiple uses of one single object. It has detachable components which allow you to be flexible on a daily basis depending on your needs or remain able to carry more than usual with its greater capacity! 

It is a stylish and compact Wallet with up to six separate card slots (fitting credit/debit cards, cash, as well as your ID or other card shaped objects like business cards!). We can add more custom slots if you need even more space. It comes in handy for the modern city dweller or when going in the wild and you need to fit as much as possible in one. There is a compartment which is discrete enough and holds a knuckle in it, but at the same time does not arouse suspicion or any other alarming circumstance. 

The feature which makes this product even more special, we placed a Comb for the stylish modern man, which could be made out of the same material as the knuckle. Crafted with high-quality durable leather materials , it is completely custom-made and comes in different colors and two-side designed patterns depending on your vision and preference. It is a one of a kind product that effectively combines safety, practical usefulness with style and fashion. Looking for safety and protection in your pocket? The solution is just a click away! 

Additional options:
1.    You can select the material of the Knuckle– Titanium Gr5, Carbon or Brass 
2.    The titanium and carbon can be additionally customized in the following ways:
        - Hand-inscribed surface according to your design 
        - Heat Colorized by your preference (Titanium only)
3.    You can select the material of the Comb – Titanium Gr5, Carbon or Brass 
4.    You can also choose the colour and stitches of the Alcantara and leather.
5.    Add Bluetooth traceability device
Specifics : 

Material: Two types of high quality nappa leather / Alcantara / Titanium Gr5/ Carbon 

Approx. Size Knuckles: 110mm x 60mm 

Approx. Size Wallet: 100mm x 135mm 

Type: Custom / Handmade

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