An elegant folding luxury leather Wallet 

The wallet for the practical modern man

The nature of this wallet is definitely a marginal one; it is out of the popular construct trend and is a rule-breaker, showing an avant-garde attitude and style. This wallet is handmade and crafted from high-quality Italian leather and Alcantra (used mostly for luxurious car interiors) and has a discrete Knuckle inside.

As a one of a kind wallet, it gives you a constant feeling of security and peace of mind, making you feel safe and protected in every situation that may occur in your daily life. With its Bluetooth traceability device connected to your Mobile phone, the wallet can be located easily. Moreover, the Knuckle is concealed inside to provide security, as well as better discretion. The two “winged flaps” that open up when you unfold the wallet prevent the credit cards of slipping out and protect your knuckles from any damage in case of usage for defense.

The wallet could fit up to 4 credit/debit cards in its compartments. Also, at the middle it is pressed by four magnets which allow for a convenient and fast way to store and access your money. These magnets allow the item to be attached to metal surfaces and this could prove useful in many daily situations.

Additional Options:
1.    Select and customise the leather and the stitching. 

2.    Select the Knuckle material – Carbon or Titanium (this would determine whether a metal detector is able to locate it). Carbon passes through!). 

3.    Select the number of holes in the Knuckle, as well as the overall size. 

4.     Also select the color for the Alcantara leather.

Specifics :

Approx. Size Knuckles: 120mm x 65mm 

Approx. Size Wallet: 130mm x 85mm 

Material: High quality nappa leather / Carbon or Titanium 

Type: Bi-Fold Wallet PROtector 

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