This is a wallet for the sophisticated & modern gentlemen who want to be able to protect themselves when the situation calls for it. The wallet is a handmade original product with a holstered Knuckle in it as well as high-quality Italian leather and Alcantara used mainly for luxury car interiors.

The wallet delivers a sense of safety and peace of mind since it could protect you from an attempted robbery or other criminal activity aimed at you. It can be traced via an embedded Bluetooth tracking system (connected to the GPS on your Mobile phone). Furthermore, the hidden tool inside provides safety and discretion in a stylish manner. The two additional compartments allow you to carry credit cards and cash securely. This wallet is very practical and has an unmatched design.

Additional options:
1.    Select and customise the leather and the stitching.

2.    Select the Knuckle material – Titanium (Gr5) or Carbon (this could determine whether a metal detector is able to locate it. Carbon passes through). 

3.    Select the number of holes in the Knuckle, as well as the overall size 

4.     You can also choose the color of the Alcantara leather.

5.     Add Bluetooth tracking system 


Approx. Size Wallet: 130mm x 85mm 

Material: Two types of high quality nappa leather / Titanium or Carbon fibre 

Type: Cardholder PROtector 

Production : Custom / Handmade

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