The phone case and holder pair that are able to effectively protect you in various ways

The interior of the case is covered with Alcantara leather which cleans it every time you put it in or take it out. There is a very practical opening on the bottom for charging and it is also used to make it easy to push the phone out of the casing.

 It comes in pair with a special cash & card holder that has a silver foil covering which deflects any card-reader signals coming towards your credit/debit cards to protect you even further while you are on the go! Nobody would be able to read into your bank account with this kind of security levels in your pocket!

Additional Options:
1.    Select and customise the leather and the stitching.
2.    Select the number of holes in the Knuckle, as well as the overall size
3.    You can also choose the color of the Alcantara and leather.

Specifics :
- Approx. Size sleeve: 160mm x 85mm
- Approx. purse: 100mm x 65mm x 10mm
-Material:  nappa leather , alcantara , titanium Gr5
-Production : Custom / Handmade

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