Durable Custom Leather   Card-Holder

A unique and elegantly crafted accessory to make you feel reassured and safe

The inspiration for this wallet is taken from the urban culture and it is crafted to be used on the streets. It is a carefully crafted handmade clip made of two different types of high-quality leather and Alcantara with a special discrete holder for a Knuckle located inside. It has clip buttons that provide a safe and secure closure of the wallet. 

The wallet’s two-sided design includes an embedded Bluetooth tracking system (connected to the GPS on your Mobile phone) and has a modular structure for a selective transportation of the Knuckle.

Additional options:
1.    You can select and choose the material of the Knuckle– Titanium - Gr5 or Carbon 

2.    The titanium and carbon can be additionally customised in the following ways: 

a.    Hand-inscribed surface according to your design 

b.    To be custom colored. (Titanium only!) 

3.    You can choose to make it a bicycle wrench as well, allowing you to change a tire anywhere on the go and without any other tools.

We provide the tool with standard 10mm & 15mm socket wrench sizes. 

Also, you can add leather foot straps for your bicycle pedals; made from the same leather as the one used for the wallet. 


Approx. dimensions Knuckles: 110mm x 60mm. 

Approx. dimensions Wallet: 110mm x 80mm. 

Material: Two types of nappa leather / Titanium or Carbon fibre 

Type: Cardholder PROtector and Tool

Production : Custom / Handmade 

Colors: Black / Custom 

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

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