Safety Note:

The tool is intended primarily as a repairs wrench and a fashion item with the potential of a defense mechanism and we DO NOT advice on using it for offense and vandalism of any kind.  
We do not condone to violence and our product should not be considered a weapon. The product can be considered as a weapon according the law of the state

Pricing Policy:

The currency and pricing on all deals is calculated in USD Dollars ($) only!
Orders are made through our e-store in Etsy.  Link:  Payments must be conducted through their platform and with regard to their policies.

Delivery Policy:

Individual Perfection is able to deliver products in most regions on the planet. 
We use the services of National Postal Agencies and/or DHL. 
When using National Postal Agencies the delivery could take up to 30 days but is free of charge.
When using DHL’s services billing for the delivery is determined by the DHL Services list for that particular region and is paid by the customer. 

Return Policy:

In case you would like to return a product contact us by e-mail at: and please make sure you have kept your receipt in order to proceed your request!

Contacts & Support:

Individual Perfection makes sure to provide exclusive support services to any individual client.
 In case of any questions and/or concerns that you might have regarding our products contact us at:

Product Warranty Policy:

We offer warranty and product redemption.
Individual Perfection provides a five-year long warranty on fully leathered products. We are going to repair any damage on the product, as long as it has been purchased from us. Please keep in mind that products by Individual Perfection are sold exclusively through this website. 
We are not going to accept resold or second-hand items as viable for free repairs.

We are able to buy back your product during warranty period at half the price.  With the recycled materials we would be able to provide you discount.