SPEED Motorcycle Leg Bag

Biker Speed Side bag
Oily soft authentic leather light with a swinging waist in a holster in a case large enough for your most important things at rallies, concerts and festivals. Metal brackets and a removable leg strap hold it firmly in place and leave you hands-free to control the bike or crack in time.
Two main pockets with a zipper and a clasp maintain the security of the contents and values ​​of your bag or pocket - everything from awnings to lip balm and mobile phone to money. A specially designed knife compartment allows you to carry it smoothly and unnoticed. Boys and boys always need stylish motorcycle equipment and it works at all levels of form and function. Fill it up, hook it up, and be prepared for quick head turns as you approach. They will envy you at the party.
Detailed description

• Two large main compartments : 25cm x 12cm x 5 cm / s 21cm x 12cm x 5 cm
• One knife pocket with magnet closure, 21cm x 12cm x 1cm
• Three straps for extra fastening
• Detachable leg strap
• Stainless steel shoulder chain


- calf leather 

- Alcantara leather 

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