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An artist wants to leave a mark. It’s common sense. But common things never worked for me. Neither sense. I don’t want to leave a mark. I want to leave a scar. Brutality has a magnetic force and I am attracted by its beauty. I work on it, I craft it. From a crude piece of a primal roar,
I extrude the gracefully exquisite juice of elegance.

Nobody will know that you are carrying a secret that can punish. The Marginal wallet is a beast in sheep’s clothing or genuine Napa leather to be precise. A sleeping Bruty. That’s what this wallet is.
A sleeping Bruty with some rudimental form of intelligence. Because it has a Bluetooth traceability device. The neodymium magnets can hold it on every type of metal surface. With a nickel coating that makes them look like metal pieces. Actually, the coating makes them practically eternal.

Eternal as that first roar of a human being in the face of darkness, danger and, the beast that wakes up every night and leaves scars on our dreaming souls.